Frequently asked questions

How and when should interested customers contact us?

If a customer is interested in reaching out to us, he/she should contact us via email at contact@yilmahailu.com. If they would like to request an art piece, they can do so on the arts page. We will then reach out to set up a meeting with the customer and collect details needed for the mural.

Do we accept commissioned projects?

Commissioned projects can only be accepted provided that the two parties (customer and artist) have signed a contract indicating that they have agreed upon the pricing and other details.

What are your payment terms?

Payment can vary depending on what the customer is buying. Digital downloads will be upfront payments. For large murals requiring multiple paintings, we will require 50% payment upfront and 50% payment at the end.

Is there a return policy?

We do not accept returns for the digital albums or for the paintings.

What shipping offers do you offer?

If there is a problem with the product you bought, please email us and we will get back to you to help resolve your concerns. Shipping is limited to the US for the time being.